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Loco who?

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Team Locos Sanos

Locos Sanos is run by Marie, Lot, Stefan and Rosalie. Rosalie is our CO - Chief Oxytocin also known as HoGV - Head of Good Vibes and happens to be Lot and Stefan's baby daughter! Depending on the amount of participants, we like to invite more instructors.



Marie is our amazing nutrition and behavior coach! From breaktfast until supper she cooks the stars of the sky. You may have never met someone who cooks for you so cheerfully. Marie is all about energy and even organizes bootcamps in her hometown.



Stefan is a sports enthousiast in the broadest sense. Whether you ask him to climb up a mountain (Kilimanjaro and Toubkal), lift heavy things, dance the tango with Lot, play football, tennis or chess, chances are very high he will join you! 



Lot is a passionate yoga instructor and movement teacher with a background in art and a huge love for music. She will take care of the daily yoga-sessions and assists Rosalie in managing the good vibes!

Our mission

For all the people who:

want to be healthy in the first place 

are crazy enough to take responsibility for their health

are crazy enough to see the enormous potential of our immune systems

are crazy enough to prioritize prevention over healing

are crazy enough to realize that chronic stress is an indicator for much needed change

are crazy enough to experience a relation between our emotional/physical wellbeing

. . .
It is our mission to send you back home with a bit of healthy mad momentum to take on any challenge in life while maintaining healthy habits!

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