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Crazy about Health

Active Retreats with a Loco Sauce

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Coming Retreats

Right at the Atlantic beach, close to Seville (Southwest Spain), we wish you a warm welcome at our beautiful 'Casas'. Here we organize daily yoga-sessions and various physical activities in the beautiful surroundings: 'Tiempo de calidad, Aquí y Ahora'! On top of that our nutrition coach will provide us with delicious meals day in day out. It is our mission to send you back home with a bit of healthy mad momentum to take on any challenge in life while maintaining healthy habits!

We have decided to wait out these uncertain times before organizing any other retreats. Sign up and you'll get notified as soon as we plan for new adventures:

Thank you!


"... a sporty holiday where you come closer to yourself."

"Locos sanos was a really great week. The food was really fantastic, every meal was a feast and lots of variety. The house and location are wonderful, you are right on the beach. There are several places where you can retreat for a while. The sporting activities (SUP, morning yoga and mountain biking) are great fun. In combination with the breathwork sessions you have a sporty holiday where you come closer to yourself, are challenged in a sporting way and also relax. All noise disappears for a while. It is wonderful to live in the moment."


"The retreat at Locos Sanos was very nice. A nice combination of being actively involved with your body, learning new practices and also paying attention to your inner world with yoga and breathwork. It was great to have this all bundled together. The accommodation is beautiful, right on the beach where various fun activities took place (supping, mountain biking, kayaking). The care was extremely nice; delicious (healthy) & fresh food and very loving guidance from Lot and Stefan. A very nice break to go out in a healthy way and to take practices home. You want to experience this!"

"...very loving guidance..."

"... a relaxed atmosphere during the entire week. Recommended!"

"Need a nice holiday with plenty of activities but also space to relax? This is your place! It is literally on the beach, the house and the surrounding area are nice and there is a relaxed atmosphere throughout the week. Highly recommended! "

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